HEROM 2: the adventure continues

by Daniele Malfitana, Jeroen Poblome and John Lund

Aquileia porto fluviale – sponda orientale:nuovi dati e riflessioni sui depositi di anfore da allume

by Daniela Cottica, Andrea Cipolato

Sicilia ed Africa nell’età dei Severi Città, territori, economie

by Daniele Malfitana – Alejandro Quevedo

Attività produttive nell’entroterra di Catania fra età repubblicana e tardo impero. Alcune riflessioni per una ricostruzione di un sistema economico

by Antonino Mazzaglia

Tamuda y las ánforas mauritanas occidentales. Primeros apuntes tipológicos y arqueométricos

by Dario Bernal et alii

Bronze horsemen of the Augustan age from Herculaneum. New information from a ‘museum retrieval’ in the reserves of the civic museum of Catania

by Stefania Pafumi

Thematic section. Amphoras, exchange, and the agricultural economy of the Knidia.

by Justin Leidwanger

The knidia and its amphoras: Taking stock of a regional agricultural economy

by Justin Leidwanger

New work on Knidian Amphorae: Links to the Hellenistic economy

by Gary Reger

The small Knidian amphora types

by Ertekin M. Doksanaltı, İbrahim Karaoğlan, Candemir Zoroğlu

Knidian Amphorae of the Hellenistic and late Roman Periods at Burgaz (Palaia Knidos)

by İlham Sakarya, Nadire Atici, and Numan Tuna

An assemblage of Knidian Amphorae from the Lighthouse Breakwater at Knidos

by Erdoğan Aslan

Amphoras and the Afterlife of a Commercial Port: Hellenistic Burgaz on the Datça (Knidos) Peninsula

by Sarah T. Wilker, Justin Leidwanger, And Elizabeth S. Greene

External influence and local agency. Deconstructing the history and organization of Knidian amphora production and trade

by Mark L. Lawall